Thursday, 15 November 2018
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Big Seven League Awards All-League Football Honors
By Mike Smith
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Big Seven League All-League football honors have been awarded after another highly competitive season on the gridiron in the Big Seven League that saw four teams make the postseason, two of which remain alive. 

Nemaha Central Thunder won the Big Seven League title by going 8-0 in League play and finished the season 10-1 after making the 3A playoffs and winning in the first round but ending their season in the second round. On offense five Thunder players earned first team All-League while one more picked up honorable mention. While special teams same one Thunder player earn both first team and honorable mention honors. Defensively five Nemaha Central players picked up first team All-League honors and three more honorable mention. 

Sabetha Bluejays notched second place in the Big Seven League finishing 7-1 in League action and sit at 10-1 on the season still alive in the 3A postseason looking to make the Sub-State round. Four Bluejays pick up first team All-League honors on offense, whlie one more earns honorable mention. On defense four Sabetha guys pick up first team honors, while four more earned honorable mention. Two Bluejays also picked up first team All-League honors on specials teams. 

Both Holton and Perry Lecompton tied for third in the Big Seven League finishing 4-2 in League action. The Holton Wildcats are 7-3 overall and still alive in the 4A-DII playoffs looking to return to the Sub-State round. A trio of Holton guys earned first team All-League offensive honors, while two more get the nod for honorable mention. Three Wildcats earned first team All-League defensive honors, while one more grabbed honorable mention honors. 

Perry Lecompton had one first team All-League player on offense with three more earning honorable mention honors, while on defense one Kaw earned first team and four more honorable mention honors. The Kaws finished the season 7-4 after making the 3A playoffs and falling in the second round. 

Royal Valley Panthers finished fifth in the League going 3-4 in Big Seven action and finishing 4-5 overall. The Panthers had two guys earne honorable mention All-League on offense, while two more earned honorable mention on defense. 

Riverside Cyclones and Hiawatha both finished 2-6 in Big Seven action but the Cyclones finish sixth via the head-to-head win over the Red Hawks; both teams finished 2-7 overall on the season. Cyclones had just one player earn honorable mention honors, while Hiawatha had a player earn first team All-League honors on offense and another honorable mention honors. 

Jeff West Tigers finished on the year 2-7 and just 1-5 in the Big Seven League but had two players on offense and two on defense each earn first team All-League honors. 

ACCHS Tigers capped their year with a 0-5 mark in the Big Seven and 0-9 overall and had one player earn honorable mention All-League honors. 

2017 Big Seven League All-League Football

Offense: Defense:

QB: Mitchell Henry (Nemaha Central, SR) 1st TM
Dalton Kellum (Perry Lecompton, JR)  1st TM

RB: Joe Gruber (Sabetha, JR) 1st TM
Mason Engelken (Sabetha, JR) 1st TM
AJ Haussler (Holton, SR) 1st TM
Andrew Woods (Hiawatha, JR)  HM
Dillon Smith (Royal Valley, SR) HM
Tucker Smith (ACCHS, SO) HM
Dylan Aeschliman (Holton, SR) HM

WR: Quinn Neuenswander (Jeff West, SO)  1st TM
Michael Moreno (Hiawatha, SO) 1st TM
Camron Feldkamp (Nemaha Central, SR) 1st TM
Luke Haverkamp (Nemaha Central, SR) HM
Colton Mallonee (Perry Lecompton, JR) HM
Shane Quinlan (Perry Lecopmton, JR) HM

TE: Matt Baumgartner (Nemaha Central, JR) 1st TM
Isaac Sunderland (Sabetha, SR) HM

OL: Eli McWilliams (Nemaha Central, SR) 1st TM
Eli Wilson (Nemaha Central, SR) 1st TM
Pene Saili (Jeff West, FR) 1st TM
Elliot Strahm (Sabetha, JR) 1st TM
Kyle Grimm (Sabetha, SR) 1st TM
Austin Rollet (Holton, SR) 1st TM
Kyler Tannahill (Holton, SR) 1st TM
Kyle Bonham (Perry Lecompton, SR) HM
Komesh Spoonhunter (Royal Valley, SO) HM

Kicker: Caleb Henry (Nemaha Central, SR) 1st TM
Braeden Cox (Sabetha, JR) 1st TM

DL: Clay Baumgartner (Holton, SR) 1st TM
Kyler Tannahill (Holton, SR) 1st TM
Eli McWilliams (Nemaha Central, SR) 1st TM
Kauli Saili (Jeff West, SO) 1st TM
Elliott Strahm (Sabetha, JR) 1st TM
Mason Rodie (Perry Lecompton, SR) HM
Doran Rupnicki (Royal Valley, SR) HM
Trenton Butler (Nemaha Central, SR) HM
Eli Wilson (Nemaha Central, SR) HM
Scott Resler (Riverside, SR), HM

Caleb Henry (Nemaha Central, SR) 1st TM
Cole Oehm (Sabetha, SR) 1st TM
Riley Hermann (Sabetha, SR) HM
Cole Logan (Perry Lecompton, JR) HM
Richard Aguirre (Holton, JR) HM
Blake Chance (Royal Valley, SR) HM

ILB: Mitchell Heiman (Nemaha Central, SR) 1st TM
Caleb Middendorf (Jeff West, SR) 1st TM
Gabe Garber (Sabetha, SO) 1st TM
Scott Urban (Perry Lecompton, JR) 1st TM
Dylan Aeschliman (Holton, SR) 1st TM
Grant Rousch (Perry Lecompton, SO) HM
Cauy Rokey (Sabetha, JR) HM

DB: Mitchell Henry (Nemaha Central, SR) 1st TM
Camron Feldkamp (Nemaha Central, SR) 1st TM
Wyatt Beyer (Sabetha, SR) 1st TM
Mason Strader (Holton, SR) 1st TM
Noe Gauna (Nemaha Central, JR) HM
Joe Gruber (Sabetha, JR) HM
Brandon Brownlee (Sabetha, SR) HM
Joel Guess (Perry Lecompton, SR) HM

Punter: Joe Gruber (Sabetha, JR) 1st TM
Caleb Henry (Nemaha Central, SR) HM

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